Looking for a fun and social activity for your team building event or social gathering?

More than just attending a cooking lesson, our packages are designed to be fun, interactive, and enriching. We hope to share our insatiable love for food so you and your team will walk away with a truly memorable experience like no other!



PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA! – 1 hour class (min. 12 pax, max 20 pax)

$55 per pax

An interactive hands-on class where participants will team up to make their very own pizza creation! Teams have to showcase their creative juices and exercise teamwork and one team will win the challenge of ‘Best Pizza’. At the end, they will all sit down for a meal together.

Class includes a welcome beer.

PASTA MAKING! – 1 hour class (min. 12 pax, max 20 pax)

$55 per pax

In this interactive hands-on class, participants will get to make their very own pasta from scratch, and also cook their very own Pomodoro style pasta. Team challenges can be requested and at the end of the class, everyone will sit down for an enjoyable meal.

Class includes a welcome drink.

 CREATIVE CUPCAKES – 1-hour class (min. 12 pax, max 20 pax)

$55 per pax

Perfect for tea-time, this fun class will enable participants to learn the skills needed to make delicious frosting, and basic piping skills to decorate their very own cupcakes. Teams will work together to decorate their cupcakes, and after the class, all participants will sit down for some bubbly and cupcakes. 

Class includes a welcome glass of Prosecco.

 WINE & CHEESE APPRECIATION – 1-hour class (min. 12 pax, max 20 pax)

$55 per pax

For those who prefer a more relaxing class, join us for an exploratory journey learning how to pair wines with cheeses from our very own cheese room. Participants will learn about the various types of cheese – blue, hard, soft, cream in this introductory level class. 

ASIAN DELIGHT COOKING CLASS – 2-hour class (min. 8 pax, max 20 pax)

$95 per pax

Bring your taste buds on an Asian culinary tour in this fun cooking class where participants will get to create a 3-course Asian meal - entree, main and a dessert. Dishes include local Singaporean delights such as laksa and satay, as well as Vietnamese and Thai classics such as Vietnamese Spring rolls, and Mango sticky rice. Participants will be able to enjoy their culinary creations after the class. Enquire for the full class menu!

EUROPEAN SENSATION COOKING CLASS – 2-hour class (min. 8 pax, max 20 pax)

$95 per pax

Say Bon Appetit in this French and European themed class where participants will get to do hands-on cooking and try their hand at creating dishes such as French onion soup, pasta Bolognaise...and more! The class will feature a 3-course meal, consisting of entree, main, and dessert, and all students will get to sit down and enjoy their delicious cooking after the class. Enquire for the full menu!

SWEET DESSERTS CLASS – 2-hour class (min. 8 pax, max 20 pax)

$95 per pax

Satisfy your sweet tooth in this hands-on class that features 2 scrumptious desserts of your choice (1 baked and 1 non-bake). With tantalising options such as tiramisu and red velvet cupcakes, this promises to be a fun and engaging class, and participants can order mains from The Providore cafe to complete their meal. Enquire for the full dessert menu!

 CREATIVE MYSTERY CHALLENGE – 3-hour class (min. 6 pax, max 20 pax)

$150 per pax

This exciting class starts even before you begin cooking in our studio! This class requires your team to discuss their strategies to work with a mystery ingredient and source for the best ingredients at The Providore that will set their dishes apart from the rest. Teams then have a set time frame to look for these ingredients and use them to display their creativity and skills. Everyone will sit down and enjoy a meal after the class.

Class includes a welcome glass of wine.

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Additional Information

Class Timings:

From 10 am to 8.30pm weekdays, and 10am to 4pm weekends

Class Pricing:

  • Nett pricing
  • Price includes mineral water
  • Apron
  • Printed recipes
  • Certificates

Optional Add-ons:

Drinks & Beverages

Add a kick to your event by pre-ordering alcohol from our retail selection (exclusive discount of 10% off retail prices)

Light bites & Mains

If you would like a more substantial meal, order from our gourmet menu below (exclusive discount of 10% off the displayed prices). 

*Prices subject to GST and service charge

Lunch Menu (for classes between 10 am to 3pm)

Beef Brisket Sandwich $21.5

Nicoise Salad $21.5

Crab Linguine Pasta $26.5

Ricotta Ravioli $26.5

Evening Menu (for classes between 4pm to 8.30pm) 

Magherita Pizza $18.5

Pizza with Parma Ham $19.5

Grass-fed Beef Burger $28.5

Light bites & platters from The Providore Downtown